Street lighting control cabinet

Street lighting control cabinet - UNILIGHT

Unilight with the Unilight V3.0 controller installed allows you to remotely control outdoor lighting in manual, automatic or remote modes. The main purpose of control cabinet is the organization of a programmable power point for lighting devices, as well as for quick installation and deployment of the Unilight control system at the facility.


The main functionality of a control cabinet:

  • Automatic, manual or remote control of street lighting networks with any light sources;
  • Control of luminaires by groups according to the schedule;
  • Collection and transfer of electricity consumption parameters to the Unilight platform;
  • Control of network parameters (voltage, current, power, etc.);
  • Connection channels to the GSM server / Optical fiber / Twisted pair / WiFi.
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UNILIGHT 50A control cabinet
UNILIGHT 100A control cabinet
UNILIGHT 160A control cabinet
UNILIGHT 250A control cabinet
Number of phases
Number of contactors
Up to 3
Main circuit voltage
380 V
Control circuit voltage
220 V
Maximum amperage
, А
50 100 160 250
AC frequency
50 Гц
Switching devices
(Imax = 50A)
(Imax = 95A)
(Imax = 165A)
(Imax = 265A)
Metering device

Mercury 236 АRT-02 PRS

Electric 3-phase meter

Mercury 236 АRT-03 PRS Electric 3-phase meter

and current transformer for each phase

Protection index
IP 54
Climatic version
UHL (…)
Grounding system
Dimensions (D×W×H),mm



Weight, kg
up to 50 up to 55 up to 115 up to 125
Working temperatures

, °C

–45    ...   +60

Unauthorized access protection
Mechanic lock; unauthorized door opening signaling
Lighting powerlines control
Upon schedule, in automatic and manual mode
Accident signaling
Unauthorized door opening;  loss of incoming voltage; tripping of the circuit breaker; no current on outgoing phases
Connection means


Metering of electricity consumption and parameters
3-phase electric energy metering; active and reactive energy metering (30 days history of half-hour meanings), metering of 3-phase amperage and voltage (discreteness 15 min); automatic and manual reports
Potential lighting system working modes
«Evening”; “Night” “Duty lighting”; remote change of schedule

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