Smart pedestrian crosswalk

UNILIGHT Smart pedestrian crosswalk

A unique software and hardware system that allows you to significantly increase the safety of pedestrians and reduce the potential accidents number.

This solution helps to inform the driver about a pedestrian approaching to the crosswalk and allows the vehicle to slow down in advance. UNILIGHT software displays all pedestrian crossings installed in the city on an interactive map and allows you to control the operation and condition of all smart pedestrian crosswalks.


Key advantages of the UNILIGHT smart crosswalk

  • Timely warning of drivers about the appearance of a pedestrian
  • Increasing the illumination of the pedestrian crossing area
  • Monitoring compliance with traffic rules
  • Remote control of equipment operation in the pedestrian crossing area and prompt troubleshooting
  • Displaying pedestrian crossings on an interactive map
  • Integration with an automated outdoor lighting control system UNILIGHT (Unilight)


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The principle of operation of the UNILIGHT smart pedestrian crossing
Traffic control at a pedestrian crossing
  1. Motion Sensor

    The motion sensor detects the presence of a pedestrian on the road

  1. UNILIGHT cloud platform

    The signal transmits information to the information board installed 70-100 meters from the pedestrian crossing

  1. Information board

    The board visually warns the driver about a possible danger: “Attention! Pedestrian ahead!

  1. Crosswalk projection

    The projector displays a projection of a pedestrian crossing sign on the roadway

  1. Sound alert device

    An audible alert will help visually impaired people to announce the presence of a pedestrian crossing in their path

  1. UNILIGHT luminaire controller

    It controls the operation of the lighting equipment at the pedestrian crosswalk


Luminaires with individual control 2 6 6
Pedestrian alert system No No Yes
Crosswalk signs with LED light
No No Yes
Crosswalk projection to the road
No No Yes
Data collection and control cabinet
Yes Yes Yes
Motion sensors Yes Yes Yes
Information LED board 2 2 2
Connection cables Yes Yes Yes
UNILIGHT software Yes Yes Yes
Luminaires with UNILIGHT controls

Luminous flux control by channels: GSM(3G), LoRa, NB-IoT.  Case options: NEMA, SR, BOX.

The system allows you to use any type of luminaires equipped with drivers with control protocols 0/1-10 or DALI.

LED information board

Installed 50-100 meters before the pedestrian crossing.

Receive a command to turn on and start flashing when a pedestrian appears.

Pedestrial alert system
A system that informs a pedestrian about the approach of a vehicle exceeding the speed of 50 km/h.
It consists of a speed detection radar and a sound alert speaker.
Motion sensors

Fix the presence of a pedestrian at the crossing and transfer the data to the cabinet for collecting and processing information.

Data collection and analysis cabinet

Processes the data received from the sensors and sends signals to turn on the infoboard. Passes the received information to the system.

Crosswalk sign with LED lighting
The sign has LED backlighting or strobe lights to enhance the driver's attention.

Makes a projection of a pedestrian crossing sign onto the roadway.

UNILIGHT software
Interactive diagram of a smart pedestrian crossing with the display of all elements and pedestrian animation
Indication of number of passing pedestrians and passing cars*
Failures alerts

Road accidents alerts

Possibility of monitoring of a group of crosswalks
Smart pedestrian crosswalk