Street lighting powerline controller

Street lighting powerline controller

Control controllers can be part of Unilight lighting control cabinet or work on existing power equipment. Functioning according to the MQTT protocol makes possible to flexibly integrate into various systems.


Key features of the UNILIGHT lighting powerline controller


  • Automatic, manual or remote control of street lighting networks with any light sources;
  • Schedule group management;
  • Collection and transfer of electricity consumption parameters to the Unilight platform;
  • Control of network parameters (voltage, current, power, etc.);
  • Monitoring the status of connected electrical equipment (protective devices, contactors, etc.)
  • Connection channels to the GSM server / Optical fiber / Twisted pair / WiFi;
  • The device is mounted on a standard DIN rail.


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  • Collecting data from electrical energy meter and various sensors via the RS-485 interface
  • Transferring data from the controller to the dispatcher workstation
  • Prompt notification of personnel about emergency cases and other events
  • Work according to a pre-set schedule for 365 days, with the ability to work without connecting to a GSM network
  • Network Time Synchronization
  • Possibility of work according to the annual schedule or in manual mode at the command of the dispatcher
  • Support for up to 6 independently controlled contactors
  • Possibility to set an individual schedule for each contactor
  • Status monitoring of up to 27 digital inputs
  • Frost-resistant replaceable battery
  • Ability to work from the built-in UPS up to 1.5 hours at temperatures from -20°С to +40°С
  • Ability to work with several energy meters simultaneously
  • Possibility of full logging of all actions of the controller in the controller itself with uploading to the ftp server
  • Built-in non-volatile real time clock
  • Functioning according to the MQTT protocol, which makes it possible to flexibly integrate into various systems
  • Ability to remotely update the firmware of the device
  • Guaranteed recovery from a failed firmware update
  • Confirmation (acknowledgment) of the execution of any control commands transmitted from the server
  • Automatic reboot in case of software failure (watch-dog)

Name of characteristic


Discrete input  type: Contact with external power supply 15 V"



Insulation voltage, V, АС (rms)


Discrete input type: «contact with external power supply 220V»


Triac with shunting through an electromechanical bistable relay



Maximum switching current at alternating voltage ~250 V, А

3 А

Power supply

Supply votage, В, АС

180 - 260

Supply voltage frequency, Hz

47 - 65

Power consumption, W

3 W

Built in UPS

Time of autonomous work  of GSM modem at – 20 °С...+40 °С, not less than 

90 minutes

Battery type

LifePo4, 18650, changeable

Power suply of external devices

Output voltage, V

+ 15

Amperage, mA

not more than 100

Operating conditions

Temperature, °С

 -45 to +65

Humidity, %


Additional info

Server protocol


Connection channel

GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Time of readiness after switch on, max

2 min

Quantity of SIM cards



power supply indication
Active SIM card indication
Network signal level indication
 RS-485 data transfer indication
Battery level indication

Watchdog timer


Connection to PC


Antenna connection


Remote firmware update


Built in real time clock


Limit of time error (without external syncronization), sec/24h


Sharp time update source

NTP servers, MQTT, electricity meter built in clock


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