Lighting lines digital twin

Digital twin of lighting networks as a part of UNILIGHT software


The inventory module allows you to always have detailed information on hand for each lamp, pole, entire power line or control cabinet. The solution will help predict the depreciation of equipment and track the terms of warranty and maintenance.


Key feature of lighting lines digital twin:


  • Access to detailed information on each luminaire, pole or entire line
  • Equipment depreciation forecast
  • Warranty and maintenance tracking
  • Introduction of the main technical characteristics of outdoor lighting objects


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System features



  • Detailed information for each pole
  • Display of additional equipment - Camera, Base Station etc
  • Warranty and maintenance tracking
  • Detailed information for each power line
  • Convenient color display of the state of power lines
  • Quick access to instructions and equipment passport
  • Detailed information for each luminaire
  • Record keeping of lamp and luminaires replacements
  • Detailed information for each control cabinet
  • Drawing all lines of outdoor lighting with indication of poles, lamps, transformer substations and lighting control cabinets
  • Ability to display control cabinets and fixtures according to state standards
Lighting lines digital twin
Lighting lines digital twin

Residents' messaging module


The module allows residents to quickly report on the problems of city life related to housing and communal services, landscaping, urban infrastructure (parking, transport, parks, etc.) and any other.


  • The dispatcher processes the received requests, distributes them among departments, appoints those responsible for the performance of work and deadlines


  • All received requests are grouped into a convenient log


  • A convenient filter, the ability to view requests for a certain period and a color designation of the status of the request


  • Both a one-time download of a report on requests and a subscription to its periodic receipt are available


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